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Genuine BN59-01315B Remote Control for Samsung 2020 2021 UHD 4K TVs

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If you’re still having problems with your TV remote control after trying all of the above solutions, call Samsung support at 0333 000 0333.

EASY AND INTUITIVE USE: Unlike other‚ generic/universal replacement remotes‘ the General Duremote RC buttons are all 100% LABELLED correctly. This may be due to interference from other devices or from the remote being too far away from the TV. Try moving the remote closer to the TV and see if that solves the problem. If it does not, try moving any other devices that may be causing interference away from the TV. If the wrong buttons are accidentally hit on a Samsung TV remote, the samsungremote will be deprogrammed from the television.

If your remote did not automatically pair with your TV when you initially opened it, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Then, using the remote , hit the device button three times in a row for three seconds. The LED light turns on to signify that the remote control is ready to be configured. This may be because the remote is not programmed correctly. To program the remote to your TV, you will need to know the code for your TV. You can find this code by searching online or in the Samsung remote control manual. Once you have the code, follow the steps in the manual to program the remote. Then, select the “Program remote” option. Then, select “Sound” or any other device you want to operate from your home using the universal remote setup control.If the numbers are not entered correctly, your television will display the message Sorry, the entry was incorrect. digit codes for Samsung TVs: 10812, 10054, 10060, 10702, 10178, 10030, 10056, 10650, 10766, 10814, 11060 How to pair samsung remote bn59?

This is the section of the guide you need if you’re attempting to pair your remote to your TV. How to pair samsung remote to tv?


Point the remote towards the IR sensor and hit the RETURN and GUIDE buttons on your smart hub at the same time. Enter the Samsung TV code : 0101, and then try the Samsung 4 digit and 5 digit remote code list below.

To test the device you’re programming instructions, press the “Channel Up” or “Play” button on your remote. If the gadget responds, verify each button on your Phillips remote setup to ensure full functionality. If some of the buttons do not function, try the process with a different code until you discover one that does. Go to Remote Codes Section 3, 4 & 5 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes For Samsung TVs if you’re looking for remote setup codes. EU49MU6272U, EU49MU6272UXXH, HG43EJ690YB, HG43RU750AJ, HG43RU750AK, HG50RU750AK, HG55EJ690YB, HG55RU750AJ, HG55RU750AK, HG65RU750AK, HG75RU750AK, QA43Q60TAK, QA50Q60TAK, QA55Q60TAK, QA55Q65TAK, QA55Q70TAK, QA55Q80TAK, QA65Q60TAK, QA65Q70TAK, QA65Q800TAK, QA65Q80TAK, QA65Q950TSK, QA65Q95TAK, QA75Q60TAK, QA75Q70TAK, QA75Q800TAK, QA75Q80TAK, QA75Q950TSK, QA75Q95TAK, QA82Q800TAK, QA85Q60TAK, QA85Q70TAK, QA85Q80TAK, QA85Q950TSK, QE43Q67AAUXXH, QE50Q65A, QE50Q80AATXXH, QE55Q70RATXXH, QE55Q77AA, QE55Q85R, QE65Q65AAUXXH, QE65Q8F, QE75Q80AATXXH, QN95A, TM1240A, UA32N4200AR, UA32N5200AR, UA32T4300AK, UA32T5300AU, UA40N5200AR, UA40T5300AU, UA43N5470AU, UA43RU7080J, UA43RU7100G, UA43RU7100J, UA43RU7100K, UA43RU7100R, UA43RU7100S, UA43RU7100W, UA43RU7105G, UA43RU7170U, UA43T5300AU, UA43T6000AK, UA43T6500AK, UA43T6500AS, UA43TU7000J, UA43TU7000K, UA43TU7000S, UA43TU7000U, UA43TU8000K, UA43TU8100K, UA49RU7080J, UA49RU7100J, UA49RU7100K, UA49RU7100R, UA49RU7100S, UA49RU7300G, UA49RU7300K, UA49RU7300R, UA49RU7300S, UA50RU7100G, UA50RU7100K, UA50RU7100S, UA50RU7100W, UA50RU7105K, UA50RU7105R, UA50RU7105S, UA50RU7170U, UA50TU7000G, UA50TU7000J, UA50TU7000K, UA50TU7000U, UA50TU8000K, UA50TU8100K, UA50TU8500K, UA55RU7100G, UA55RU7100J, UA55RU7100K, UA55RU7100R, UA55RU7100S, UA55RU7100W, UA55RU7105K, UA55RU7105S, UA55RU7170U, UA55RU7300G, UA55RU7300K, UA55RU7300R, UA55RU7300S, UA55TU7000G, UA55TU7000J, UA55TU7000K, UA55TU7000S, UA55TU7000U, UA55TU8000K, UA55TU8100K, UA55TU8300K, UA55TU8500K, UA58RU7100K, UA58RU7100R, UA58RU7100S, UA58RU7100W, UA58RU7170U, UA58TU7000K, UA58TU7000S, UA58TU7000U, UA65RU7100G, UA65RU7100J, UA65RU7100K, UA65RU7100R, UA65RU7100S, UA65RU7100W, UA65RU7105G, UA65RU7105K, UA65RU7170U, UA65RU7300G, UA65RU7300K, UA65RU7300R, UA65RU7300S, UA65TU7000K, UA65TU7000S, UA65TU7000U, UA65TU8000K, UA65TU8100K, UA65TU8500K, UA70RU7100G, UA70RU7100K, UA70RU7100R, UA70RU7100S, UA70TU7000J, UA70TU7000K, UA70TU7000S, UA70TU7000U, UA75RU7100G, UA75RU7100J, UA75RU7100K, UA75RU7100R, UA75RU7100S, UA75RU7100W, UA75RU7170U, UA75TU7000J, UA75TU7000K, UA75TU7000S, UA75TU7000U, UA75TU8000K, UA75TU8100K, UA82TU8000K, UA82TU8100K, UE32T4500AU, UE32T4570AU, UE32T5300AU, UE40K6372SU, UE40MU6452, UE40T5300AU, UE43AU9072UXXH, UE43RU7090U, UE43RU7100U, UE43RU7120U, UE43RU7140U, UE43RU7170U, UE43RU7200U, UE43RU7452, UE43RU7452UXXH, UE43RU7472, UE43T5300AU, UE43TU7100U, UE43TU7170U, UE43TU8072UXXH, UE49MU6402U, UE49RU7100U, UE49RU7300U, UE50AU7172, UE50AU9072UXXH, UE50MU6172, UE50RU7090U, UE50RU7100U, UE50RU7120U, UE50RU7140U, UE50RU7170U, UE50RU7200U, UE50RU7402, UE50RU7452U, UE50TU7000U, UE50TU7072, UE50TU7100U, UE50TU7170U, UE50TU7500U, UE55AU7172, UE55AU7172UXXH, UE55AU9072UXXH, UE55K6372SU, UE55MU6452, UE55RU7090U, UE55RU7100U, UE55RU7120U, UE55RU7140U, UE55RU7170U, UE55RU7200U, UE55RU7300U, UE55TU7000U, UE55TU7100U, UE55TU7170U, UE58RU7100U, UE58RU7120U, UE58RU7170U, UE58TU7100U, UE65AU9072, UE65AU9072UXXH, UE65KS7502, UE65KS8002, UE65MU7002, UE65NU7402, UE65RU7090U, UE65RU7100U, UE65RU7120U, UE65RU7140U, UE65RU7170U, UE65RU7200U, UE65RU7300U, UE65RU7402, UE65TU7000U, UE65TU7100U, UE65TU7170U, UE70RU7090U, UE70RU7100U, UE70TU7100U, UE75AU8072UXXH, UE75RU7090U, UE75RU7100U, UE75RU7200U, UE75TU7000U, UE75TU7100U, UN43T5300AF. Go to Remote Codes Section 3, 4 & 5 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes For Samsung TVs if you’re looking for remote setup codes. To reset your Samsung remote, you will need to remove the batteries and then press and hold the Returnand Enterbuttons for 10 seconds. The remote will beep twice to confirm that it has been reset. Before starting, it is critical to become acquainted with the operation of the Universal remote setup Control.Push and hold the PROG button on your Adapter’s remote setup until the LED on the remote setup illuminates, then press the INFO button. incorrectly labelled buttons and therefore need instructions to tell what each button function is. This can lead Welcome to Remote Control World! - your trusted source for remote controls from Europe with over two decades of experience.

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